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                        Stock Code:300925
                        English >
                        A Leading Provider for IT Services & Solutions

                        Established in Shenzhen November 2006, Farben has grown into a leading software technology service provider in China.
                        The values we believe in: Client first, talent-based, hard work, teamwork and self-criticism.
                        Change the world with our customers using innovative business technology services!


                        The Highest Level of CMMI


                        Satisfied Customers


                        Projects Participated


                        Talented Employees

                        One-stop Solution to Empower Innovation and Development of the Enterprise

                        We are always aware of customer needs and efficiently use cutting-edge innovative technologies to create professional solutions for different industries,
                        and to escort high-quality development of enterprises.

                        More Than Ten Years of Industry Precipitation

                        We continue to develop advantageous industries such as finance, high technology, and the Internet, and extend our core customers to the upstream and downstream of the industry chain ,
                        and reach high-quality cooperation with industry leaders and deliver results in all directions.

                        Real Estate
                        Aviation & Logistics
                        Financial industry

                        Since its establishment, Farben has focused on the field of fintech and provides end-to-end software services based on banking, securities, funds, insurance and other business systems in the financial industry. We have an experienced financial industry service team and technical support team. We have many professional solutions in PAAS / SAAS / DAAS-based financial cloud services, Internet finance, big data-based data analysis and marketing services.

                        Internet industry

                        Farben is based on SaaS application development and big data, AI, and Internet of Things technologies, and combines with its many years of experience and technology accumulated in the field of mobile application development, continuously focusing on services, actively facing challenges, and providing customers with end-to-end High value-added services to grow together with customers.

                        Communications industry

                        The communication experts and consulting team of Farben use a balanced combination of technology, solutions and services, and use big data technology and mining models to help customers gain insights, develop new business potential, and build new business models. In the aspects of strategy, organization, business, channel, market and resources, ecology, etc. Farben goes hand in hand with customers to lead the healthy development of the industry.

                        Real Estate Industry

                        Focusing on the core needs of each operation module of the clients, the Farben provides a new form of integrated real estate industry application solutions and services based on the product + service model, and helps customers realize business development and breakthroughs.

                        Aviation logistics industry

                        The aviation logistics service team of Farben integrates multiple resources, and provides integrated solutions of software, hardware, cloud, and service thinking to help customers realize integrated supply chain management, improve the overall efficiency of the aviation logistics industry, and realize further innovation of business models.

                        Software industry

                        Digital transformation centered on customer service, business innovation, and industrial upgrading is an urgent need in the software industry. At present, the Farben software technology is accelerating the evolution to cloud, platform, and service, and it is fostering an open innovative ecology.


                        Farben combines with the Internet of Things, the Internet, cloud computing, big data and other related information technologies, and helps customers transform and upgrade with a variety of solutions such as "smart manufacturing", so that they can integrate into the global trading system with a more proactive attitude, actively implement openness and cooperation with manufacturing companies, and actively participate in global resource allocation, and enable intelligent and digital transformation of manufacturing enterprises.

                        High-tech industry

                        With the gradual maturity of cloud computing, big data, artificial intelligence and 5G technologies, the trend of enterprises' transition to industrial Internet and digitalization is becoming clearer. Farben focuses on improving the efficiency of enterprise operation and management, reducing enterprise operating costs and focusing on user experience, and provides end-to-end consulting, delivery and implementation, and operation and maintenance technical services for high-tech industries.

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                        Change the world with customers using innovative business technology services!
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